Turning the High Waisted Jeans into the Jeans Shorts

Using the high waisted jeans is really great when you want to go out and have some casual appearances. But when you have worn your jeans for a period of time, you will be able to see that the color is fading but the form is still great. You can still use them actually by turning them into the casual jeans short that you can wear for the summer holiday. This will also make you to forget about buying the new clothes for the new seasons.

How to Make Jeans Short from the High Waisted Jeans

Usually, the shorts you have made from the usual jeans will be very nice to stick with your body. But this will also be able to be applied for the high waisted jeans plus size for those of you who have the bigger body size. Therefore, you will not need to feel ashamed about your body type when you are spending a good time in the summer. Also, you may be able to save your budget by using this kind of trick to make your summer clothing.

high waisted jeans plus size

But make sure that you also tidy the lower part of the jeans up to make it more appropriate. Because of the fact that you cut the jeans to make the shorts, you will find that the part that you cut will have some dangling threads on it. It will be a very wise thing to tidy them up by sewing it. If you have no idea how to do it, you can bring it to the nearest tailor on your local area.

high waisted jeans outfits

The high waisted jeans outfits will be very nice if you combine it with the casual t-shirt. You can use the colorful mini t-shirt for this to complete the whole casual look. Also, this will be specially nice if you spend your summer holiday by the beach.

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